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Leather Belt Rug ( Random Pattern )

This leather belt rug has no perceivable pattern. Rather than laying the belts out straight or cutting them to fit a parquet tiles as my previous leather belt rugs I chose to cut various lengths and follow no pattern.

The results have been surprising. Due to the lack of continuous lines the eye cannot rest in one spot on  the leather belt rug for long. Therefore the rug appears larger than its 2 x 3 size. The rug will stay interesting because there are constantly new things to see!

I cut each piece to fit perfectly with its neighbors. Colors in this leather belt rug sometimes blend and sometimes contrast. The results have been very encouraging. I’ll definitely be making more of these!

Each piece is attached to a leather backing using a water based glue. After completing the leather belt rug I applied multiple coats of Pecards Antique leather restorer. This enriches the hues and protects the surface.

$179 with Free Shipping in the US! (Worldwide shipping for $29.99)

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