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Leather Belt Rug Braided Version


This Unique leather belt rug was made from braided leather belts. The rug measures 2 x 3 and is very comfortable under foot!

As with all my leather belt rugs I have sorted through vast numbers of belts to find those that looked good together both in hue and texture. Each piece is attached to a bonded leather backing with a water-based glue resulting in an earth friendly re-creation of recycled belts into a flooring that will only improve with age.

After each rug is completed I apply multiple coats of a leather conditioner that rejuvenates the leather and protects it from drying out and stains. Lastly all my leather belt rugs are sealed with a mink oil rub that gives them added protection, sheen and water resistance.

Price: $129 + FREE shipping in the U.S

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