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I’ve always been fascinated with leather.

Back when I was a kid I played baseball. I was amazed at how my leather baseball mitt took the abuse of hundreds of hours of abuse that came from practice, bench riding and game time. I dove with it, sat on it, threw it in frustration..you name it. I still have that glove (25 years later) and I use it when coaching my son’s baseball team. And that glove still looks beautiful. All of the wear and tear has only given it more character and attitude.

My leather belt rugs are made to wear in..not wear out. Over the years they will only improve with age. Try saying that about any other floor covering!

I scour the earth for quality leather belts that have character, warmth and personality. Each belt is picked, cut, positioned and glued by me. There is no assembly line; no minimum wage employee slapping these rugs together. I craft each one myself.

I use a water-based glue to secure the belts to a bonded leather backing that is soft and durable and attractive.

The goal is to create a rug that would look just as good hanging on the wall as a work of art, but will also stand up to foot traffic and everyday life.

If you have any questions please send an email. I can make special sizes and will take special orders.


Thank you for visiting my site!



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  1. pat galas
    Posted 10 Mar ’11 at 8:41 pm | Permalink

    great idea

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